How to Implement a 301 Redirect the Right Way

Implementing 301 Redirect

Don't Lose Your Link Juice, implement a 301 Domain Redirection. If you are switching domains, or are redesigning your website, which is causing your page structure to change, you need to consider all of the impacts of what these changes will mean to your page rank and domain authority. The short answer is that any time your URLs change, either through a domain name or page … [Read more...]

Best Free Stock Image Sites

You have written the perfect blog post, but you are missing one element to give your post the pop necessary to have your article rise to the top of  search engine results. That one thing you are missing is the perfect image. Finding that perfect image is a hard thing to do. Many sites lure you in with the promise of free stock photos, only for you to realize once you are on … [Read more...]

How Long Should Your Blog Post Be?

the perfect blog post size

Content is king, but word length is important too. A blog post of the right length, means the difference between having more readers, more comments, more traffic and more overall SEO karma. This is because not only  is the quality of your content important but the length of your content plays a major role when it comes to determining your site's search rankings. What is the … [Read more...]

Scruminology (Scrum Terminology)

User stories - Something a user wants, and is a self contained unit of work. Stories are the building blocks of a sprint. user story template: As a <type of user> I <want/can/am able to/ need to,etc.> so that <some reason> Epic - Big user story. Usually need to be broken down into separate user stories. Theme - A collection of user stories that fall … [Read more...]