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Scruminology (Scrum Terminology)

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User stories – Something a user wants, and is a self contained unit of work. Stories are the building blocks of a sprint.

user story template:

As a <type of user> I <want/can/am able to/ need to,etc.> so that <some reason>

Epic – Big user story. Usually need to be broken down into separate user stories.

Theme – A collection of user stories that fall under the same category.

Sprint Backlog – is a list of tasks identified by the Scrum team to be completed during the sprint. They are usually in the form of user stories.

Contents of the sprint backlog:

1. tasks (decomposed from user stories that were accepted by the team for the current sprint).

2. Story points or time estimates for individual tasks.

3. Refinements or “definition of done” as it relates to a specific story or task.

4. In-sprint stories or goals added by the team to support the current sprint goal.

Product backlog – It is a prioritized features list usually composed of user stories. It is usually made up of the following kinds of items:
1. features
2. bugs
3. technical work
4. knowledge acquisition

Product Backlog typical columns:
ID, Theme, As a/an, I want to…, so that…, Notes, Priority, Status

Adding a loop within a string variable

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Passing an array to another page

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Use sessions:

Or if you want to send it via a form you can serialize it:

The session has the advantage that the client doesn’t see it (therefore can’t tamper with it) and it’s faster if the array is large. The disadvantage is it could get confused if the user has multiple tabs open.

Inserting multiple items into database

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Removing TFS Workspaces

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Removing the workspace of an existing user

1) In visual studio from the developer’s workstation, open source control explorer.

2) From the ‘Workspace’ dropdown select ‘Workspaces…’

3) A dialog will appear showing the workspaces on your current PC. Select ‘Show remote workspaces’

4) You will now also see workspaces from your previous PC (as long as they are from the same user account). Select the old workspace(s) and click ‘Remove’. This should delete the old workspace from from TFS along with any persisting checkouts.

Removing the workspace of a user no longer with the team

From the Visual Studio command line prompt:

tf workspace /delete workspace;workgroup\UserName /collection:http://tfsprod01:8080

Removing Your Search Results from Google

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Now why would you want to remove your search results from Google? Well, if spammers got through your blog spam or forum spam blocking security and they flooded you with posts to questionable sites, then you have no choice but to expedite the removal of search links that point to the questionable site hosted on your site.

The first step is to delete the offending content on your site.

Next access your Google Webmaster Tools account or create one if you don’t already have one.

Log in to Webmaster tools and under site configuration – click on crawler access and select the Remove URL link.

The next step is to create a new removal request. There are several removal choices from removing the entire site (which you don’t want to do), to removing a cached copy, individual URLs or a directory or all sub directories on your site.

You will probably want to remove the page or directory where the content is found and within 3-5 days Google should have removed the results from their engine.

If you are interested in reusing the content and page that was removed, after it is cleaned up request a submission for that directory so that Google can re-crawl it.

Making Money from Your Website

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Want to make extra revenue by serving ads from your website? Check out this interesting article from Inc. Magazine, which tells you the pros and cons of different online advertising companies as well as how much you can expect to make with each.