How to Improve your Website’s Conversion Rate

Choosing the right keywords
Commercial vs Informational Keywords

Driving traffic that will engage with your site and ultimately convert is the goal of all Internet marketers. The keywords you choose are the key to your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) plan.

The goal of CRO is to increase the number of visitors that convert when they visit your site. Y want to avoid sending the sending the wrong message by ranking for the keywords that lead to poor conversion.

Choosing the right type of keywords means the difference between buyers coming to your site and purchasing your products or clicking on your ads or affiliate links or not. SEO experts agree that when choosing the right keywords to target on your site, the keyword intent is usually more important than the keyword volume.

Commercial intent keywords

Are those keywords that are associated with the searcher intending to buy now or very soon. These types of visitors have a much higher conversion rate, and are the best type of visitors you can bring to your site.  Whether you are selling a product, or are trying to convert on your affiliate marketing ads, the best way to increase engagement is to focus on commercial intent keywords and the visitors these keywords bring.

Buy Now Keywords
These are the best type of commercial intent keywords, since these are the keywords people use right before they are about to make a purchase. These are the best keywords to target, since they have the highest conversion rates.
• Buy
• Coupon
• Discount
• Deal
• Shipping

Product Keywords
Product Keywords are the second best type of commercial intent keywords. These keywords are based on a specific product category, brand or service. People using these keywords are early in the purchasing cycle than the buy now group. While these keywords convert, they don’t do so nearly as well as the buy now group.

• Review
• Best
• Top 10
• Specific brand name
• Specific product
• Product category
• Cheap
• Affordable
• Comparison

Informational Keywords
Informational keywords don’t lead to conversions, but the do bring in traffic.  An easy way to identify informational keywords is to ask yourself if the phrase asks a question.

• How to
• Best way to
• Ways to
• I need to

The best way to leverage Informational Keywords is to find keywords that have high search volume and low competition. The idea with informational keywords is to bring lots of visitors to your site, and then try to get them to join your email list.

Tire Kicker Keywords

These are the worst type of keywords from a conversion perspective. Users coming to your site via these keywords will probably never convert and will never click on your ads or affiliate links.

• Free
• Torrent
• Download
• …for free

A good way to measure the commercial intent of a keyword is to check the Adwords bid price. The higher the suggested bid price, the greater the commercial intent of the keyword. In addition to the suggested bid price, the competition of the keyword is also a signal as to its commercial intent.
When choosing which keywords to target on your site chose a ratio of 2:1 at a minimum with 3:1 being ideal. That is two commercial keywords for every one informational keyword that you target.

Commercial Versus Informational Keywords

commercial intent and informational keywords